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Wired Mothers


Stine Lund

Partner institutions

  • Ministry of Health Zanzibar
  • Danida Health Sector Programme Support
  • University of Copenhagen

Project description

The study aims to examine the beneficial impact of use of mobile phones for health care on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality, and to seek innovative ways to ensure access to skilled attendance at delivery through an intervention called "wired mothers". Wired mothers are pregnant women linked to a primary health care unit through use of mobile phones receiving standard sms reminders for care appointments and who can call the primary provider in case of acute or non acute problems. It is also the aim to study the health system's response in relation to obstetric emergencies when using mobile phones to strengthen communication between different levels.


Download protocol for Wired Mothers research project (pdf)

Specific objectives

  1. To investigate attendance to routine primary health care appointments amongst wired and non wired women;

  2. To investigate the level of facility based deliveries amongst wired and non-wired women.

  3. To investigate the morbidity amongst wired and non-wired women

  4. To investigate the quality of services provided to wired and non-wired women

  5. To investigate neonatal morbidity and mortality amongst children born by wired and non-wired mothers



Contact person

Stine Lund

What is Wired Mothers

Wired Mothers project: original from May van Gent on Vimeo.


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