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Barghadouch, AminaPhD student +45 353-26520E-mail
Birk, Hans OkkelsPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Boye, Mathilde ChristineStudent assistant +45 353-37572E-mail
Bødker, MalenePhD student +45 353-32050E-mail
Børsch, Anne Sofie RotheStudent assistant +45 353-31787E-mail
Christensen, Caroline ArnfeldtPhD student +45 353-32958E-mail
Christensen, Martin EjsingPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Dam, Mie SeestPhD student +45 353-37320E-mail
de Montgomery, Christopher JamilPhD student +45 353-36404E-mail
Di Nucci, EzioAssociate professor +45 353-34314E-mail
Frederiksen, Hanne WintherPhD student +45 353-37331E-mail
Friis, Jan Kyrre BergAssociate professor +45 353-27935E-mail
Gjødsbøl, Iben MundbjergResearch assistant +45 353-37318E-mail
Grønvold, MogensProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-27983E-mail
Guldmann, FinnPart-time lecturer +45 353-28860E-mail
Handlos, Line NeerupPhD student +45 353-37322E-mail
Hansen, Kristian SchultzAssociate professor +45 353-37754E-mail
Hatting, AnnePart-time lecturer  E-mail
Høyer, Klaus LindgaardProfessor +45 353-27996E-mail
Jensen, Anja Marie BornøAssociate professor +45 353-37317E-mail
Jensen, Nanna Julie NyholmStudent assistant +45 353-36975E-mail
Jervelund, Signe SmithAssociate professor +45 353-37339E-mail
Knox, Jeanette Bresson LadegaardAssistant professor +45 353-37334E-mail
Krasnik, AllanProfessor +45 353-27971E-mail
Kriegbaum, MargitPostdoc +45 353-37326E-mail
Kristiansen, MariaAssociate professor +45 353-34805E-mail
Langstrup, HenrietteHead of Section, Associate Professor +45 353-26203E-mail
Larsen, Michelle AagaardDepartment secretary +45 353-26250E-mail
Michaelsen, Jette JoostAssociate researcher +45 353-37330E-mail
Michaëlis, CamillaStudent assistant +45 353-32266E-mail
Mikkelsen, Anne Sophie BechPhD student +45 353-30358E-mail
Mock-Muñoz de Luna, ClairePhD student +45 353-31859E-mail
Navne, Laura EmdalResearch assistant +45 353-37324E-mail
Nordfalk, FranciscaPhD student +45 353-37593E-mail
Nørredam, Marie LouiseAssociate professor +45 353-27632E-mail
Pallesen, Anna Vera JørringStudent assistant +45 353-36984E-mail
Poulsen, LarsPart-time lecturer +45 353-37340E-mail
Rasmussen, Katja VedstedStudent assistant +45 353-26442E-mail
Rossel, Peter J. HanckeAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-27934E-mail
Rudkjøbing, AndreasPostdoc +45 353-27493E-mail
Scheele, Christian EllingPostdoc +45 353-23796E-mail
Schwennesen, NetePostdoc  E-mail
Sheikh, Zainab AfshanPhD student +45 353-37348E-mail
Skovdal, MortenAssociate professor +45 353-37360E-mail
Srivarathan, AbiramiStudent assistant +45 353-34443E-mail
Svendsen, Mette NordahlAssociate professor +45 353-27624E-mail
Sørensen, JanneSenior consultant +45 353-27288E-mail
Sørensen, Peter LaursPart-time lecturer +45 353-28860E-mail
Tellerup, Maria OlejazAssistant professor +45 353-37316E-mail
Torenholt, RikkePhD student +45 353-33803E-mail
Tupasela, Aaro MikaelAssociate professor +45 353-20586E-mail
Tørslev, Mette KirstineResearch assistant +45 353-32882E-mail
Vallgårda, SignildProfessor +45 353-27968E-mail
Vrangbæk, KarstenProfessor +45 353-37329E-mail
Wass, Anne AmalieStudent assistant +45 353-21043E-mail
Wimmelmann, Camilla LawaetzPhD student +45 353-20787E-mail
Østergaard, Liv Stubbe +45 353-35398E-mail