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Erik Lykke Mortensen

Erik Lykke Mortensen

Professor with special responsibilities

  1. 2017
  2. Published

    Cumulative occupational mechanical exposures during working life and risk of sickness absence and disability pension : prospective cohort study. / Sundstrup, Emil; Hansen, Åse Marie; Mortensen, Erik Lykke; Poulsen, Otto Melchior; Clausen, Thomas; Rugulies, Reiner; Møller, Anne; Andersen, Lars L.

    In: Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health, Vol. 43, No. 5, 01.09.2017, p. 415-425.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  3. E-pub ahead of print

    Retrospectively assessed physical work environment during working life and risk of sickness absence and labour market exit among older workers. / Sundstrup, Emil; Hansen, Åse Marie; Mortensen, Erik Lykke; Poulsen, Otto Melchior; Clausen, Thomas; Rugulies, Reiner; Møller, Anne; Andersen, Lars L.

    In: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 17.08.2017.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  4. Published

    Cool and Hot Aspects of Executive Function in Childhood Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. / Hybel, Katja Anna; Mortensen, Erik Lykke; Lambek, Rikke; Thastum, Mikael; Thomsen, Per Hove.

    In: Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Vol. 45, No. 6, 08.2017, p. 1195–1205.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  5. Published
  6. E-pub ahead of print

    Cognitive ability in young adulthood and risk of dementia in a cohort of Danish men, brothers, and twins. / Osler, Merete; Christensen, Gunhild T; Garde, Ellen; Mortensen, Erik L; Christensen, Kaare.

    In: Alzheimer's & Dementia, 19.05.2017.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  7. Published

    Pharmacological treatment of refugees with trauma-related disorders : What do we know today? / Sonne, Charlotte; Lohmann, Jessica Mariana Carlsson; Bech, Per; Mortensen, Erik Lykke.

    In: Transcultural Psychiatry, Vol. 54, No. 2, 04.2017, p. 260-280.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  8. Published

    Relationship between pickiness and subsequent development in body mass index and diet intake in obesity prone normal weight preschool children. / Rohde, Jeanett Friis; Händel, Mina Nicole; Stougaard, Maria; Olsen, Nanna Julie; Trærup, Maria; Mortensen, Erik Lykke; Heitmann, Berit Lilienthal.

    In: PLOS ONE, Vol. 12, No. 3, e0172772, 15.03.2017, p. 1-9.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  9. Published

    Evaluating clinically significant changes in health-related quality of life : A sample of relatives of patients with severe traumatic brain injury. / Norup, Anne; Kristensen, Karin Spangsberg; Poulsen, Ingrid; Mortensen, Erik Lykke.

    In: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Vol. 27, No. 2, 03.2017, p. 196-215.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  10. Published

    Structure and clinical correlates of obsessive-compulsive symptoms in a large sample of children and adolescents : a factor analytic study across five nations. / Højgaard, D. R. M. A.; Mortensen, E. L.; Ivarsson, T.; Hybel, K.; Skarphedinsson, G.; Nissen, J. B.; Valderhaug, R.; Dahl, K.; Weidle, B.; Torp, N. C.; Grados, M.; Lewin, A. B.; Melin, K. H.; Storch, E. A.; Wolters, L. H.; Murphy, T. K.; Sonuga-Barke, E. J. S.; Thomsen, P. H.

    In: European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Vol. 26, No. 3, 03.2017, p. 281–291.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  11. Published

    Cohort description : The Danish study of Functional Disorders. / Dantoft, Thomas Meinertz; Ebstrup, Jeanette Frost; Linneberg, Allan; Skovbjerg, Sine; Madsen, Anja Lykke; Mehlsen, Jesper; Brinth, Louise; Eplov, Lene Falgaard; Carstensen, Tina Wisbech; Schroder, Andreas; Fink, Per Klausen; Mortensen, Erik Lykke; Hansen, Torben; Pedersen, Oluf; Jørgensen, Torben.

    In: Clinical Epidemiology, Vol. 9, 02.2017, p. 127-139.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

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