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Pernille Høgh Danielsen

Pernille Høgh Danielsen

Assistant professor

Current research

PhD Fellow at Institute of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health, at the University of Copenhagen, from 1.10.2006.
Project title:
The PhD project "Health effects of wood smoke particles investigated in experimental models" is part of WOODUSE (residential wood combustion and the interaction between technology, user and environment), which aims to provide an insight into the use of stoves, emission patterns, inner and outer air quality and possible health effects of wood smoke particles.
This project will contribute with important new knowledge about the toxicological effects of wood smoke particles and the mechanisms involved in different experimental models. The project focuses on oxidative stress and genotoxic effects evaluated with the same biomarkers in three experimental models of increasing complexity and likely relevance: cell cultures, animal studies and controlled human exposure, where for the latest mentioned only is possible to measure endpoints in the blood cells and not in the target organs, such as the lungs. Together with the laboratory's existing database on the effects of traffic-generated particulates in the same systems we will provide the basis for extrapolating from knowledge about the health effects of particulate matter in the city. Part of this database for the efficacy of diesel particles and particles from a Copenhagen street in vitro and in animals is based on my master's thesis at the department.


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