Brice Maxime Hugues Ozenne

Brice Maxime Hugues Ozenne

Associate Professor

I am a biostatistician doing methodological research, software development (for the R software), statistical consultations, and teaching. I have a shared position between the section of biostatistics at the University of Copenhagen and the Neurobiology Research Unit at Rigshospitalet.

Primary fields of research

I am interested in statistical models for handling repeated measurements which typically arise in medical images, psychological questionnaires, or measurements over time. Part of my research is about developing the Latent Variable Models and mixed model for neuro-imaging data with the corresponding statistical inference framework to handle small sample size and multiple testing.

I am also developing methods for assessing treatment effects in registry data, where one has to account for confounding, right-censoring, and competing risks, and time-varying effects.

Finally, I have two side projects one on the assessment of the benefit-risk of a treatment using Generalized Pairwise Comparisons and another on plannign and analyzing sequential trials in presence of pipeline data.


Ph.d. course for students in medical science

- Statistical analysis of repeated measurements and clustered data

- Epidemiological methods in medical research (course leader)

- Basic statistics

MSc course for students in Statistics and Mathematics-Economics 

- Survival analysis

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