Allan Krasnik

Allan Krasnik

Professor emeritus, Professor, emeritus

Member of:



     - 1971:, University of Copenhagen.

     - 1973: Master of Public Health, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

     - 1976: ph.d. University of Copenhagen.

     - 1984: specialist in public health.


    Employment and Research Scholarships:

     - 1971-79: various jobs as Registrar in departments at hospitals within the Copenhagen area (a total of 2 years) as well as research scholarships at the Institute of Social Medicine, the University of Copen¬hagen.

     - 1979-81: Sundhedsstyrelsen (The National Board of Health) as Assistant Medical Doctor,

     - 1980-94: Ugeskrift for Læger, (a weekly medical scientific publication) as Editor.

     - 2011-: President for the Section of Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in the European Public Health Association (EUPHA).

     - 1981-86: Dansk Sygehus Institut, (Danish Hospital Institute), as Deputy Director.

     - 1986-92: Institut for Social Medicin, (Institute of Social Medicine), the University of Copenhagen, as Associate Professor.

     - 1988-94: Nordisk Medicin, (a monthly, scientific journal) as Editor.

     - 1992-94: City Medical Office in Copenhagen as a Medical Officer of Health.

     - 1995-: The Department of Social Medicine at the University of Copenhagen as a Professor of Social Medicine, from 1997 Department of Health Service Research at the Institute of Public Health - as Head of Institute until 2004.

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