The teaching of the Section is mainly delivered at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and concerns the impact of psychological, environmental and work related factors on health; the Section also teaches Master’s students from the Faculty of Science. It is an objective of the Section that the majority of its Master’s students continue to become PhDs.
The Section aims to engage a large number of PhD students and have them contribute to the teaching activities; the Section is also involved in designing and implementing PhD courses. The Section strives to develop and upgrade the teaching offered at all levels, at the same time optimizing and increasing the involvement of external teachers. The Section delegates great responsibility to its administrative personnel and aims to provide them with a high level of further education.

The Section is responsible for curricula regarding the effects of environment on health in a number of study programmes within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences: 

  • Bachelor/Master of Science in Medicine: the Section teaches environmental medicine (7 lectures and 14 class sessions) at the 6th semester and occupational medicine (8 lectures and 16 class sessions) as well as toxicology (lectures) at the 8th semester.
    Teaching materials may be found on the Absalon website.
  • Bachelor/Master of Science in Public Health: the Section teaches “Environment and health” at the 3rd semester (20 lectures and 40 class sessions).
    Teaching materials may be found on the Absalon website.
  • The Section also participates with lectures and practical courses in the Master of Science programmes in Human Biology; Environmental Chemistry and Health; and Health Science. 

You may see a description of the teaching undertaken by the Unit of Medical Psychology here.