Enhancing undergraduate students’ communications skills

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Enhancing undergraduate students communications skills

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•Merete Jorgensen, Copenhagen University , Family Medicine , Copenhagen
•Klaus Witt, Research Unit , Family Medicine , Copenhagen
•Peter Kindt Fridorff-Jens, Copenhagen University , IT-unit , Copenhagen

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•Merete Jorgensen, Copenhagen University , Family Medicine , Øster Farigmagsgade 5 , 1014 , K , Denmark , mejor@sund.ku.dk


Being teachers in Clinical Course of Family Medicine since 1995, we have developed two schemes for communication analysing purposes called the Consultation Logic (CL) and Consultation Analysis (CA), based on the Patient-Centred Consultation. To investigate the effect of various teaching methods in communication skills we have developed a scientific tool (DanSCORE) based on CL and CA to measure the students analysing ability

Summary of work
It has earlier been shown, that enhancing student`s ability to analyze communication precedes change in communication behavior. The course include an eight days stay in General Practice, where the student is the doctor seeing real patients and video record. These days are scattered over a five weeks period and they alternate with five plus four hour’s sessions of assessing, analyzing and discussion the videos in small groups with a peer (university teacher) and fellow students.We focus in our project on communication skills. 600 medical students are enrolled in the project. Changes in analyzing ability are qualitatively explored. We have introduced video-clips on a learning platform. The ways the students use them will be discussed as well. 600 medical students are enrolled in the project.

Summary of results
Will be presented at the conference

ref,C 1.Hausberg, Maria, Anika Hergert,Corinna Kröger,Monika Bullinger,Matthias Rose, Sylke Andreas.Enhancing medical students' communication skills: development and evaluation of an undergraduate training program.Published online 2012 March 24. doi: 10.1186/1472-6920-12-16 2.William T. Branch, Jr, MD; David Kern, MD; Paul Haidet, MD, MPH; Peter Weissmann, MD; Catherine F. Gracey, MD; Gary Mitchell, MD; Thomas Inui, MD Teaching the Human Dimensions of Care in Clinical Settings. JAMA. 2001;286(9):1067-1074. doi:10.1001/jama.286.9.1067 The results will be presented at the Congress

Take-home message
Teaching Communication skills using different methods,including e-learning Development of a method to meassure students analysing abalility.

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Publication date1 Sep 2014
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2014

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