Translation and adaption of the Genetic Counseling Outcome Scale (GCOS-24) to Danish

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  • Birgitte Rode Diness
  • Overbeck, Gritt
  • T. Duelund
  • T. B. Hammer
  • S. Timshel
  • M. McAllister
Background and aim:
The ability to measure patient outcomes from genetic counselling is a prerequisite for evidencebased development of practice.
The Genetic Counselling Outcome Scale (GCOS-24) is a recently developed
patient reported outcome measure. The aim of this project was to develop a
Danish version: GCOS-24-Danish.
GCOS-24 was translated from English to Danish by two independent translators. The translations were combined and then back-translated
by two native English-speakers. All versions were reviewed by an expert
committee. Alternative wordings and disagreements between back-translations and the original version were examined. The test developers were consulted regarding ambiguous wording. Forty candidates among patients seen
earlier and in our waiting room were asked to fill out the preliminary GCOS-
24-Danish. Willing respondents were interviewed about their experience.
Distribution of responses and results of interviews were examined and the GCOS-24-Danish adjusted accordingly.
There were differences between the original version and the back translations. Problems in the translation of semantic, conceptual and idiomatic equivalence were identified and
resolved. Twenty-one questionnaires were returned and fifteen interviews
conducted. Informants’ responses and analysis of their understanding as
displayed linguistically led to adjustment of two items to ensure cultural adaptation.
The process was more difficult than anticipated. Each
step provided new insight regarding perception of genetic counseling and
genetic conditions and led to adjustments of the original translation, leading
to development of a tool better-suited to the target population. We would
recommend the described approach when attempting translation of patient
reported outcome measures
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2013
Publication statusPublished - 2013

ID: 48904296