Child Health in General Practice

Researchers in the group:

Jakob Kragstrup (research group leader)
Anette Hauskov Graungaard
Kirsten Lykke
Gritt Overbeck
Melissa Lutterodt
Ruth Ertmann
Susanne Reventlow
Philip Michael Wilson

The general purpose of our research is to facilitate early detection and intervention against factors, that may have negative effects on the well-being of children. The research group has a general practice perspective on child health and we have a special focus on prophylactic consultations. Projects involve children’s well-being and development, as well as problems, diseases and medicine use in children. The group works with quantitative and qualitative methods and data sources including questionnaires, register data, interviews and observations.

One on-going study has focus on the special needs of children with a sick family member. A group member is conducting a qualitative investigation of expectations, communication and perceived outcomes of the prophylactic consultations for children. A third study has focus on pain in childhood.

In collaboration with researcher from the institute’s Section of Social Medicine we have started work on a mother-child cohort that will be based on automated data capture from electronic patient files in general practice. In Denmark all pregnant women are offered a number of prophylactic consultations and their children, similarly, come for a number of prophylactic checks and vaccinations. In cooperation with a Danish region we are in the process of developing tools, which will allow for systematic and automatic registration of key information from these contacts. The tools will also allow for ad hoc registration of special questions. The purpose is to obtain rich data on risk factors and contact to the health care system for an unselected group of children (and pregnant women).