Healthy "Patients" in General Practice

Researcher in this research group:

John Brodersen (research group leader)
Barbara Ann Barrett
Marjukka Mäkelä
Mie Hestbech

Research topics for supervision (only in Danish).

The work in the research group Healthy "Patients” in General Practice is concerned with screening as a case seen from a general practice perspective.
Our primary focus is on the consequences of medical screening: what are the healthy citizen´s perception of their own health before and after participation in screening. What are the consequences when a healthy person gets a false-positive screening outcome (false alarm)?

We also try to assess if the intended benefits of screening (to lower morbidity and mortality among those with disease) outweigh the possible harms, e.g. diagnosing harmless conditions that from a biological perspective is an disease – however, a condition that would never give the healthy citizen any symptoms (a so-called overdiagnosis of an indolent pathological condition).

We work on generating evidence-based knowledge about screening and would like to contribute to the current debate about which mass screening programmes should be maintained – or stopped.
As general practitioners it is in our interest to find out how to communicate to the citizens the intended benefits and the unintended harms of screening, so the citizens can make an informed choice of whether to participate in screening or not.

Our research areas:

  • Prenatal screening
  • Screening for cancer, e.g. breast, cervical, lung and colorectal
  • Screening for abdominal aortic aneurism