SOFIA - an intervention study in general practice

Severe mental illness and physical health in general practice

The aim of the SOFIA study is to improve the quality of life and extend the life of those with severe mental illness through general practice.

We are currently testing the SOFIA model in general practice to see if it can lead to extended life and improved quality of life for people with severe mental illness. The SOFIA study will test an intervention that consists of:

  1. Training and education of general practitioners and practice staff.
  2. Systematic detection of somatic disease in seriously mentally ill people.

A prolonged overview consultation up to 45 minutes with time for preparation in duration that provides the opportunity to take the patient's needs, values and wishes into focus, and involves a systematic diagnostic interview. This consultation is designed to both strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and produce an individually tailored care plan











Want to know more about the SOFIA study?

Please contact:

Project coordinator Maria Haarh Nielsen

You can also reach us using the information below:
Telephone: +45 22 82 36 70




Project leader

Susanne Reventlow

Telephone: +45 35 32 71 56

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bakkedal, Catrine PhD Fellow +4535336965 E-mail
Brodersen, John Brandt Professor +4535327592 E-mail
Hansen, Cæcilie Research Staff +4535334503 E-mail
Jønsson, Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Assistant Professor   E-mail
Martiny, Frederik Handberg Juul Research Assistant +4535331306 E-mail
Nielsen, Maria Haahr Academic Research Staff +4535337811 E-mail
Reventlow, Susanne Professor +4535327156 E-mail
Risør, Mette Bech Professor +4535324355 E-mail
Rozing, Maarten Pieter Associate Professor +4535335438 E-mail
Siersma, Volkert Dirk Statistician   E-mail