Clinical Course in General Practice (12th term)

This course in general practice should finalise the medical student’s clinical training and provide a knowledge of general practice. The aim is to qualify the student to work as a house officer in general practice as part of a basic clinical internship. In addition, in order to function as a hospital registrar, the student must know about management and treatment options in general practice, so that he/she understands how primary and secondary health care work together to the benefit of the patient.

The teaching in this course will cover patient’ responses to health and disease, clinical skills and primary care service options. Its goal is to help all students understand that caring for patients is as important as curing disease.

The course will consist of:

  • 8 days visiting and working in general practice, during which the students will function in the role of physicians and see their own patients
  • 10 days of clinical training, including supervision of student video recordings of consultations and discussion of relevant topics in the Section of General Practice.