Early Patient Contact (1st term)

Early Patient Contact (TPK) is a compulsory course during the 1st term of medical school. The aim of this course is to give the student personal experience with a patient and with what professional conversation may entail. It is important that students acquire knowledge of the patient perspective on health and disease, and that they learn and practise basic communication skills and analyse student/patient communication.

The course will consist of three meetings with the same patient in the patient’s home. This communication will be supervised by the patient’s general practitioner during three meetings between the physician and the students. In parallel with these visits, various theoretical approaches to communication and patient perspectives will be presented and discussed during teaching sessions at the university. At the end of the course, the student will write a report in which he or she will describe, analyse and reflect upon student/patient communication. This report will provide the basis for an oral examination.

Course in First Aid (1st term)

The course focuses on life-saving first aid and primary treatment of common acute conditions.