Foetal Exposure and Epidemiological Transition: The Role of Anaemia in Early Life for Non-Communicable Diseases in Later Life

Anaemia and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are major health problems in the developing world. This project investigates if anaemia, in particularly Hb <8 g/dL, in early pregnancy or even before, may programme the foetus towards increased risk for NCDs when growing up in a society in fast transition.




























Name Institution
Ib C. Bygbjerg University of Copenhagen
Christentze Schmiegelow University of Copenhagen
Dirk Lund Christensen University of Copenhagen
Leif Groop Lund University
Louise Grunnet Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet
Lise Grupe Larsen
John Lusingu
Daniel Minja
Birgitte Bruun Nielsen Aarhus University
Karsten Nielsen
Rashid Said
Thor Theander University of Copenhagen
Allan Vaag Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen