Online with suicidal thoughts: Consequences and opportunities for prevention

It is increasingly common for people living with an illness to use peer-to-peer supported communities on social media to communicate and share life experience. These communities can function as an empowerment tool for the individual to regain a sense of control over their illness. However, these communities can also contribute to and maintain an identity of being “ill”.

The present research project focuses on an online community for people living with suicidal thoughts. Using an online and offline qualitative research approach, the project explores how individuals communicate within the online community, how they value being part of the community and how it forms a part of their daily life.

Findings from this project will first inform development of better support to individuals living with suicidal thoughts. Secondly, it will inform SIND, Livslinien and other private and public organizations of the possibilities and risks involved in online support groups on social media. Third, findings from this project will inform development of ethical research guidelines for social media research.


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