Camilla Marianne Hvidtfeldt
Camilla Marianne Hvidtfeldt

PhD Student

I have a master’s degree in sociology from University of Copenhagen, 2007. Since then I have been employed at the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit (RFRU), where I have done register-based research, conducted several large surveys, and taken part in the preparation and evaluation of a school-based intervention. I have been enrolled as a PhD-student at the University of Copenhagen, Section of Health Services, the Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity ad Health (MESU) since August 2017.

Current research

PhD-project: Not without my family - Consequences of Danish refugee policy for health and integration

In the period 2013–2017, more than 30,000 asylum seekers were granted residence permit as refugees in Denmark; this is at the same high level as during the Yugoslav wars. It is well known that refugees’ health and socio-economic integration is poor compared with the majority population: The prevalence of psychiatric disorders is between 1.5 and 2 times higher among refugees than among native Danes, and the average employment rate is 27 % lower for refugees compared to immigrants from EU/EEA, other factors taken into account. To make the integration of future refugees more successful, it is important to know the effect of the policies and tools available for Denmark and other host countries.

My PhD-project explores the associations between different aspects of refugee-related policies and the mental health of refugees. The aim is to expand our current knowledge on how family characteristics interact with these policies and affect subsequent health and integration of refugee children and adults. The PhD consists of three large-scale quantitative, longitudinal cohort studies based on Danish register data. The two first studies examine how the duration of two types of waiting time—namely the period waiting in the asylum system for a decision on the asylum application and the period after resettlement waiting for family reunification—are correlated with the risk of being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. The third study investigates how the age at migration affects the school-well-being and educational outcomes of refugee children.

Primary fields of research

My primary field of research is migration and integration.

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