Personality, emotions and coping


The focus of the existing research on emotions and health has been primarily on detrimental effects of stress and negative emotions. The role of positive psychological factors in physical health, e.g. positive emotional states and traits, has received less attention. Further, the idea that even negative emotions and stress can in some situations be beneficial for health, which has a theoretical foundation in psychological studies, has been explored extremely little in health literature. Yet emerging studies point to the possibility that in the face of severe adversity, some negative emotions and even depression may be protective and do not require intervening on. The goal of this research program is to further investigate the potential protective effects of both positive emotions and of emotional distress in the context of adversity on psychosomatic and cardiovascular health in children and adults.


Currently, we use data from established large-scale longitudinal studies, such as Copenhagen Ageing and Midlife Databank (Denmark), Whitehall II (England), GAZEL (France), Danish National Birth Cohort (Denmark). We will also supplement this with our own data collected via online surveys.

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