Many birth cohorts have been established worldwide. Some are general cohorts with multiple aims, while others are focused on e.g. environmental factors or specific disease risk factors. Some have been following children for many years, whereas others have just started. Some collect biological samples aimed at investigating biomarkers of exposure, susceptibility or response, as well as genetic determinants of disease; others do not collect any samples.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the full potential of the cohorts can only be realized through collaboration between them. A prerequisite for collaboration is well-documented cohorts. Furthermore information about design and data on the existing cohorts should be collected in a comparable form and be easily accessible. This website aims to serve this purpose.

The aim of is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between cohorts and researchers. In addition, we would like to provide administrators, policy makers and other stakeholders with information about available cohort data on health and its determinants.

Contact: Professor Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen and student assistant Line Stenmann Kantsø