MAMAACT is a complex intervention project that seeks to strengthen pregnant women’s response to the symptoms of the body, and to improve the communication about symptoms between women and the health care system.

The background for MAMAACT is that some groups of ethnic minority women have increased risk of poor reproductive outcomes in Denmark and one reason seems to be a delayed response to complications in pregnancy. Several barriers, including social, linguistic and cultural conditions, can challenge the communication between pregnant women and health care professionals and MAMAACT focus on advancing the dialogue between pregnant women and their midwives.

The objective is that enhanced awareness of the body’s signals and increased familiarity with the ways of reaching the health authorities will promote the health of pregnant woman and their future children.

The intervention consists of health education materials in seven different languages, which the midwives give to and discuss with the pregnant women (a leaflet and a smart phone application about the symptoms of the body and appropriate responses) as well as training of midwifes in culturally sensitive care.

The project was implemented in 2014 at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Hvidovre Hospital and will be evaluated for feasibility and effectiveness using quantitative and qualitative methods in 2015.

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Contact: Assistant professor Sarah Fredsted Villadsen