Epidemiological seminar series 2019

Thursdays 3 to 4 pm, followed by drinks and networking

  • 28th of February: Complex system models in public health

    Professor Harry Rutter, University of Bath, UK

  • 21st of March:  How to evaluate potential non-specific effects of vaccines: the quest for randomized trials or time for triangulation?

    Professor Christine Stabell Benn, Bandim Health Group, Statens Serum Institute, DK

  • 11th of April: Data Fusion, Computational Epidemiology, and Causal Inference. 

    Professor Onyebuchi Arah, University of California, Los Angeles, US

  • 9th of May: (Note: two hour seminar from 3 to 5 pm) : Global studies of anthropometrics: geographical distributions, trends, and genetic and environmental influences

    Professor Bin Zhou, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Imperial College London and

    Professor Karri Silventoinen, Population Research Unit, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

  • 20th of June: New approaches to the spatial mapping of disease

    Associate Professor Samir Bhatt, School of Public Health, Imperial College London, UK

  • 10th of October: Social inequalities in children's mental health: novel methodological approaches

    Professor Maria Melchior, INSERM, France

  • 28th of November: Predicting the personalized need of care in an ageing society

    Dr. Marvin N Wright, Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research & Epidemiology, Germany

    Dr. Sasmita Kusumastuti, Section of Epidemiology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 12th of December: Methodological issues related to sibling and twin designs in epidemiology

    Professor Thorkild IA Sørensen, Section of Epidemiology and Associate Professor Theis Lange, Section of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen

These seminars are organized in collaboration between the Graduate Program in Epidemiology and Public Health and the Section of Epidemiology at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

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