Mathias Pinto Bonnesen

Mathias Pinto Bonnesen

Research Assistant

As a biomedical engineer my main drive is to find ways of using technology to help with various health-related problems faced by the society. These are often very complex, and therefore I am always on the lookout for potential collaboration partners so that out knowledge can make for a more nuanced solution.

Primary fields of research

My primary field of interest lies in acquiring and analysing biomedical signals in relation to healthcare to help scientists with their research, aid doctors in their decision making and individuals with living with various health related problems.

Current research

My current research is about finding a biomarker for long-term perceived stress, and acquire it in a way that makes it easy-to-do by using a smartphone to measure it. Since perceived stress easily influened by external factors, theres a lot of work behind developing a method that is stable and well validated. The research program is a collaboration between the start-up company Resilio, and Department of Public health, center for epidemiology at university of copenhagen. This way the strong theoretical knowledge from the university can be combined with the user-oriented expertism of an industrial start-up.

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