Stress, work and health

We are specialized in investigating how occupational exposures and psychological stress, particularly among adults and in midlife, affect health and labour market outcomes. Furthermore, our research addresses the psycho-physiological mechanisms linking occupational exposures and stress with disease.

Our research aims:

  1. improve health and well-being of the working and retired population and
  2. address social inequality in health. We strive to make occupational health a part of the broader public health agenda, and enlighten the public, occupational health professionals, and authorities.

"The workplace has a huge potential as an arena for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. We contribute to the evidence-based knowledge supporting the efforts to improve public health through workplace interventions, regulations, and information campaigns." Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen, research group  leader.



























Research Group Leader
Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen
Associate Professor

Phone:+45 35 32 73 78


Name Title Phone E-mail
Appel, Andreas Moses Teaching assistant +45 353-36428 E-mail
Hansen, Åse Marie Professor +45 353-27956 E-mail
Nabe-Nielsen, Kirsten Associate professor +45 353-27378 E-mail
Steenberg, Josephine Lyngh Guest researcher   E-mail