Activist home-kitchen gestures

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  • Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland
While we find ourselves in the season of Spring it might be time to search for the sprouts and living soils. Sprouts in the surroundings we live in, and with and move through. Search for those small presentations of life; search for the sprouts in human practices and minds. Bring attention to those small gestures and invitations to reparative, fertile practices of another kind of world-making. Reparative terraforming. Food, even the so-called wild, is a natural-cultural, bio-social collaboration. Both in growing, foraging, purchasing, cooking, eating, and disposing. Composting. Food is significantly different from other consumerables; it is a valuable, existential matter that envisions and inhabits the inevitable and always existing connectedness between cultures and so-called natures. Without ‘it’ we will not survive. Therefore food matters, meanings and makings are interesting sites and situations to address environmental change with. Understand the core (or seed) of the situation: human relations with the more-than-humans worlds. This is what environmental change is about.
Original languageEnglish
JournalThe Preserve Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2019

ID: 224031649