Natural experiments and Intervention studies

In the CLEAR research group, we are leading a large research project with a focus including a natural experiment and the development of interventions among middle-aged and older people in a disadvantaged area. The project is collaborative across research groups at the Section of Social Medicine and the Department of Public Health (Section of Health Services Research).

“Health, Well-being and Social Relations in a Changing Neighbourhood: a longitudinal, multi-methods study of the consequences of large structural changes in a diverse social housing area” (In Danish: “Sundhed, Trivsel og Relationer i Taastrupgaard”, STRIT) is funded by the Nordea-fonden with 8.8 mio. DKK and initiated in January 2018. The aim of the study is to investigate changes in well-being, health and social relationships in a larger social housing community in Høje Taastrup municipality in the period 2018-2021. The community is undergoing large-scale (900 mill. DKK) changes over the coming years in both the build environment/housing, recreational areas, infrastructure and institutions.

A longitudinal design using a multi-methods approach will be used to analyse how large-scale structural changes (in combination with a social intervention) in a social housing area are experienced by the residents aged 45 + years (N~600), and how the changes are associated with health, well-being and social relations at the individual and aggregated level across time before, during and after the structural changes. Through register linkage, development in health related and social factors will be compared to a control area not undergoing structural changes (N~5,000). Qualitative interviews with residents representing the two largest ethnic groups together with a household baseline survey conducted in eight languages will serve as needs assessment for two interventions to be planned in a participatory process building on co-creation with the residents and local stakeholders representing municipal and non-governmental health and social care services.