- Towards sustainable rehabilitation

CopenRehab is a research unit at the University of Copenhagen. We collaborate with the public health care system and private stakeholders to develop and qualify new health-tech solutions. CopenRehab investigates how rehabilitation should be organized to support more citizens change habits and make healthier choices in a lifelong perspective. We work for an evidence-based rehabilitation approach and to create new, innovative, and sustainable solutions which can be implemented in the Danish health care system.

Rehabilitation of the increasing number of elderly citizens with a lifestyle-related disease is an economic challenge to the Danish health care system. We focus on improving citizens’ quality of life and health primarily through increasing physical activity levels and by the use of innovative solutions in collaboration with both small and medium sized companies as well as large tech and pharmaceutical companies.

CopenRehab focuses on three research themes:
• Physical activity as medicine
• Nudging and motivational support in behaviour change
• Development of health and welfare technologies co-designed with Danish and international companies

CopenRehab has developed four principles for future rehabilitation programmes:

1. Rehabilitation should be flexible and independent of time and place
2. Rehabilitation should be adaptable to fit individual needs including the individual motivational profile
3. Rehabilitation should be scalable to accommodate the increasing number of citizens and patients while minimizing the total costs. Based on this most solutions include health care technology.
4. Rehabilitation should support lifelong needs as patients face chronic challenges or diseases

CopenRehab is led by professor of rehabilitation, dr. med. Henning Langberg. The professorship was established in 2012 based on a 5 year grant from the City of Copenhagen. Since the establishment in 2012 the research unit has grown and based on more than 35 million DKK in external funding (Tryg foundation and Horizon 2020) it now consists of, in addition to professor Henning Langberg, a number of post docs and PhD-students, research assistants and master students of Public Health Science and other relevant master programmes at the University of Copenhagen. CopenRehab is located in the Sund Vækst Huset, Henrik Pontoppidans vej 6, Copenhagen N.  

Contact: dr. med. Henning Langberg

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