Public Health Database

The research group is heavily involved in managing the Public Health Database (Folkesundhedsdatabasen, FSD). FSD connects a number of registers at Statistics Denmark covering all individuals in Denmark since 1980. Existing surveys may be connected to registers at FSD. The FSD is a common infrastructure at IFSV and Research Unit for General Practice in Copenhagen. The FSD forms the data for register based information on the population health, determinants and consequences of diseases. The aim is to be able to study common and rare diseases, the state of health in the whole population and in specific socio-economic groups. The FSD aims at contributing to the development of new methods to describe the health of the population and to investigate the associations between determinants of health and outcomes.

Contacts:, Charlotte Ørsted Hougaard, Henrik Brønnum-Hansen

FSD steering group:
Henrik Brønnum-Hansen
Christen Lykkegaard Andersen
Charlotte Ørsted Hougaard
Drude Molbo
Dagny Ros Nicolaisdottir
Lise Kristine Højsgaard Schmidt
Sissel Skogstad
Steffen Loft
Ulla Christensen
Naja Hulvej Rod
Rikke Lund
Merete Osler
Ingelise Andersen
Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen
Laust Hvas Mortensen