Family formation

Fertility patterns are changing with postponement of family building. We have limited knowledge on childless people's reflections on their family building intentions and desires. 

Further, some people are at risk for having a reduced fertility potential due to e.g., chronic diseases as cancer in childhood/early adulthood or other factors associated with infertility and pregnancy loss.

Research program

We aim to explore childless people's reflections on family building, their parenthood desires and decision-making process regarding having/not having children, and enablers for earlier family formation. We also  aim to explore family formation among people with infertility and/or pregnancy loss and family formation among childhood/early adulthood cancer survivors. Further, we aim to investigate health-related and socio-demographic risk factors for later developing infertility and seeking fertility treatment in order to establish a family. 

Contact: Lone Schmidt, Ditte Vassard, Emily Koert, Gritt Marie Hviid Malling, Henriette Svarre Nielsen, Ida Vittrup Nielsen, or Randi Sylvest