Marie Stjerne Grønkjær
Marie Stjerne Grønkjær


Primary fields of research

My primary fields of research concern alcohol, smoking, mental disorders (including alcohol use disorders), cognitive development, intelligence and cognitive aging. Methodologically, I have primarily carried out quantitative epidemiological research, taking advantage of the unique opportunity in Denmark to link our study populations with the national health registries.

Current research

The aim of my PhD is to examine general trends and individual differences in age-related cognitive changes. Moreover, the influence of lifetime alcohol consumption and alcohol use disorders on age-related cognitive changes will be investigated. In relation to my PhD project, we developed and completed a large follow-up study called LiKO-15 (Lifestyle and Cognition Follow-up 2015), collecting data on 2600 men aged 55-67 years. We have cognitive test data from draft board examinations on these men and at follow-up they completed the exact same cognitive test and a comprehensive questionnaire. Using data from draft board examination, follow-up up and national registries in combination with the difference in cognitive test scores will enable us to investigate general trends, individual differences and potential predictors of cognitive aging.

The LiKO-15 project is part of the “Phenotypes in Alcohol Use Disorders” (PAUSE) research program that is financed by a grant from the Danish Council for Strategic Research. Furthermore, I am financed by a PhD scholarship from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen that I received to carry out the project.

ID: 126403292