The Section of Social Medicin contributes with courses on the following programmes at the Faculty of Health Sciences:

  • Medicine
  • Bachelor and master of Public Health Science
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Global Health
  • Bachelor in IT and Health
  • Ph.d. in Public Health Science

The section's teaching includes

  • Medical sociology and social epidemiology
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Social medicine, clinical social medicine and rehabilitation
  • Other, including fertility and health, life course gerontology, and intervention

Undergraduate teaching

The Section offers undergraduate courses in the following degree programmes.

Medicine (BSc and MSc) 

  • SEMS (Statistics, Epidemiology, Medical Sociology, 3rd semester, master
  • Clinical Social Medicine, 4th semester, master
  • Disease prevention, health promotion, social medicin and rehabilitation

In addition: VKO (elective clinical practice) in gerontology, in  August

Public Health Science (BSc and MSc) 

  • Social epidemiology and common diseases, 1st semester, bachelor
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 1st semester, bachelor
  • Social medicin and rehabilitation, 3rd semester, bachelor
  • Health sociology, 4th semester, bachelor
  • In addition the following elective courses are taught


  • Life course influences on health and ageing
  • Fertility and health
  • Gerontology - every day life and health of older people
  • Intervention and evaluation - introduction to theory and method
  • Stress from the life-course perspective
  • Psychosocial mechanisms - linking disease to occupational stressors

Public Health (MPH)

  • Life Conditions and Health
  • Special module: Health planning
  • Special Module: Evaluation- theory and method

Global Health, master of global health

  • Health promotion and disease prevention, 2. semester
  • Field work, 2. semester

Postgraduate teaching

PhD courses:


  • Advanced Social Epidemiology
  • Determinants for labour market attachment and retirement
  • Gerontology

The Section of Social Medicine supervises research projects in:

  • Medicine bachelor's projects and master's theses
  • Public Health Science (bachelor’s projects and master’s theses)
  • Public Health (master's theses)
  • Global Health, master theses

We supervise both projects using qualitative methods and those using quantitative methods (primarily social epidemiology). However, unfortunately we are not always able to meet the demands for supervision, due to a very large supervisory activity within the Section.

See list of supervisors

See examples of areas within which the section supervises