List of supervisors

Supervisors and their field of research

Ingelise Andersen, associate professor: Social epidemiology and social inequality, cardi-vascular diseases and depression

Anne Mette Bender, postdoc: Epidemiology, social epidemiology, prevention

Henrik Brønnum-Hansen, associate professor: Social inequality in life expectancy and health expectancy, health impact assessments

Natasja Koitzsch Jensen, assistant professor: Epidemiology, social epidemiology, prevention

Terese Sara Høj Jørgensen, postdoc: Intergenerational perspectives on social inequality in health in old age (social foreground)

Rikke Lund, professor: Social relations, life course studies, social inequality in health and ageing, social medicine, social epidemiology

Ole Steen Mortensen, clinical professor: Occupational Medicine, sickness absence, social inequality, functional capacity, quality of life

Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen, associate professor: Epidemiology, psycho social work environment, bullying at work, night shifts/shift work/work hours, social inequality in health, stress

Charlotte Juul Nilsson, associate professor: Gerontology, social epidemiology, social inequality in health, social medicine, social relations

Lone Schmidt, professor: Reproduction, infertility

Christina Warrer Schnohr, eksternal lecturer: Contecstual factors importance for inequality in children's health; children's health in Greenland

Karsten Thielen, eksternal lecturer: Rehabilitation, social inequality in healt, social consequences of sickness, labour market and occupational health 

Sarah Fredsted Villadsen, assistant professor: Health promoting and preventive compex interventions; Focus on social and ethnic equality in reproductive health. Combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Ulla Christensen, associate professor: Sociology of health, prevention and rehabilitation, implementation and evaluation

Åse Marie Hansen, professor: Psychosocial medicine, work related stress, physiological stress, sleep, divornal disruptions, negative social relations at work

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