Virtual Epidemiological Seminar

Alcohol research from an epidemiological and interventional point of view

Professor Janne Tolstrup National Institute of Public Health University of Southern Denmark

In Denmark as well as in other Western countries, the alcohol intake is high and abstainers constitute the minority. Physiologcally, alcohol has the ability to penetrate all body compartments resulting in a variety of effects - beneficial and harmfull - on health. Also, alcohol is addictive and can cause severe damage to the drinker himself as well as for family and friends. From a scientific viewpoint, alcohol is a fascinating subject and has great public health implications also. In this talk, fundamental aspects of alcohol epidemiology are covered as well as how conducting interventions aimed at risk drinkers are made.

Janne Tolstrup is a professor in epidemiology. Her research forcuses on short-term and longterm consequences of alcohol, and both positive and negative aspects of alcohol on health and social outcomes are covered. She is principle investigator (PI) for a number of large research epidemiologic projects and intervention studies as well as PI for a number of evaluation tasks for the National Board of Health, Danish national organs and NGOs.

Participation is free and open to everyone. The seminar is arranged by the Section of Epidemiology. Please join on Zoom: