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Epidemiological Seminar & Drinks

Does mediation analysis inform public health? Methodological and data-related challenges and perspectives 

Associate Professor Theis Lange, Section of Biostatics
Professor Naja Hulvej Rod, Section of Epidemiology 

Mediation analysis has become increasingly popular both as a tool for epidemiological research and as a methodological topic in it own right. The reasons for this are easy to see: a) mediation analysis claims to open the black box of causal links between an exposure and a given health outcome thereby providing true understanding of the social and behavioral dimensions of a given disease, which is at the heart of epidemiology and b) methodologically mediation analysis requires the use of the full machinery of modern causal inference and statistics, which makes it an exciting object for methodological research. In this talk we will take a step back and look at whether mediation analysis has delivered on these rosy promises. As our commentary in Epidemiology (2017) reveals we are somewhat critical, but in this talk we will also point a way forward. Specifically, we will present how high-temporal resolution data (i.e. big data) can unlock the potential of mediation analysis in epidemiology as we will assess how far we have come with developing methodology for conducting mediation analysis on such data. 
Participation is free and open to everyone. The workshop is arranged by the Section of Epidemiology and the Graduate Program in Public Health and Epidemiology. 
Everyone is invited to join us for a glass of wine and epidemiological networking after the seminar at Gothersgade 160, 1st floor.