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15 June 2018

Open positions at Department of Public Health

The Department is currently in a process of active recruiting new academic staff. This follows a highly successful international research evaluation in November 2017, when the Department was recognized as being a World leading department. Moreover, the Department finances have recently improved. 

Based on the research evaluation and a strategy process we have identified the most important areas for recruitment of staff in particular at assistant professor level. We expect that this recruitment will allow the Department to develop even further fulfilling its mission to provide the scientific foundation for efforts to improve public health, both nationally and globally, and to create greater insight into the links between health, the individual and society as well as the ethical, equity and political implication.

This includes particular development of research concerning:

  1. digitalization and high complexity in health and across sectors
  2. public health interventions and innovation
  3. sustainability in global and environmental health
  4. life course analysis
  5. science and technology studies

Please find links for the current open positions below.

Assistant Professor – Public Health in Humanitarian Action
Deadline 29 July 2018

Assistant Professor - Public Health of Non-Communicable Diseases in a Global Context
Deadline 29 July 2018

Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Deadline 12 August 2018

Professor of Epidemiology
Deadline 12 August 2018