6 October 2021

Theis Lange is the new Head of Department at Public Health

Portrætter af Maria Kristiansen og Theis Lange

A unanimous nomination committee has recommended Theis Lange for the position of Head of Department at the Department of Public Health. Maria Kristiansen will continue as Deputy Head of Department.

'I am looking forward to working with Theis, who in my experience is a skilled and visionary leader. I am certain that Theis with the rest of the management and the employees will further develop IFSV, including holding on to the department's special culture and the broad profile," the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Ulla Wewer says.

New Head of Department: 'IFSV must play an active part in relation to the rest of SUND and the outside world'

Throughout the appointment process, Theis has made a point of demonstrating that he is very ambitious on behalf of IFSV. In particular, he believes the department should play an even greater role in the close cooperation with the healthcare system and society in general, which involves large parts of UCPH and SUND and represents an opening towards the outside world.

'These past months have shown the importance of the University and the Department of Public Health. We can and must play a unique role vis-à-vis public health, and the politicians and population clearly wish to see a strengthening of health services and prevention efforts, among other things. Masters from Public Health as well as our research and study programmes play a key role here – and we therefore need to be able to address the challenges and seize the opportunities that emerge. This may also involve addressing more structural challenges', Theis says and continues:

'In addition, it is important to me that Public Health continues to turn to and gain value from cross-faculty collaborations and from the rest of SUND. At the same time, we must offer our expertise in e.g. biostatistics and data science, ethics in healthcare, qualitative methods and the innovative, original outreach and co-creation we see at e.g. Medical Museion'.

In that connection, Theis Lange will make use of his experience from previous contact with the central administration and from both industry, research and education in his work as Head of Department.

Theis Lange will take on the role of Head of Department on 1 November 2021. Since 1 March 2021, he has been Acting Head of Department.

​By Thomas Fahrenkrug