10 December 2020

Two new PhD students at General Practice

Katrine Tranberg Jensen will contribute to the SOFIA project with her study: Investigating the implementation of the SOFIA pilot study in general practice. Frida Greek Kofod will study video consultations and professional competences in general practice.

Katrine Tranberg Jensen, PhD student

Picture of Katrine Tranberg Jensen

"Investigating the implementation of the SOFIA pilot study in general practice"

Can a patient-centered intervention reduce excess mortality and improve quality of life in patients with severe mental illness (SMI) in general practice? The SOFIA intervention aims to do just that by adding to general practitioners knowledge on patients with SMI, improving the patient-doctor relationship, and introducing an extended patient-centered consultation in general practice. Starting winter 2020 the SOFIA-intervention is tested in a small-scale cluster-randomized pilot study to gain knowledge on implementation, feasibility, data collection, and recruitment.

In my PhD I aim to investigate and qualify the implementation of a future definitive RCT focusing on the recruitment process and implementation of the key intervention components in practice. Furthermore, I seek to inform and contribute to developing SOFIA delivery and intervention components before implementing the intervention in a larger scale.

The project is performed as a formative process evaluation allowing me to follow the implementation process up close and continuously provide feedback to the SOFIA project group for adjusting intervention components during the pilot study. I will use mixed methods to collect data on patient recruitment, the acceptability and fidelity of intervention components during implementation, and the extent to which the intervention is successful in initiating mechanisms associated with outcome. Hopefully, my research will contribute to further development of the SOFIA-intervention eventually improving the quality of life and reducing excess mortality for patients with SMI.

The project is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Primary supervisor: Anne Møller, Associate Professor, MD, PhD
Primary co-supervisor: Tina Drud Due, Postdoc, PhD
Co-supervisor: Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Jønsson, Assistant Professor, PhD
Co-supervisor: Maarten Pieter Rozing, Associate Professor, MD, PhD

Frida Greek Kofod, PhD and General Practician

Picture of Frida Greek Kofod

The research units for General Practice in Denmark collaborate on a project about video consultation in a general medicine context. Here, in Copenhagen, we want to focus on how the doctor-patient relationship and the consultation are affected when the doctor and the patient meet on screen. How do they understand each other, and is the handling of the patient’s and the doctor’s agenda different from the face-to-face consultation?

We want to contribute with knowledge about changes in the consultation process, and which skills that are needed for a good doctor-patient relation, when it is on video. This knowledge can contribute to understand how the communication can be customized, and what is won or lost, when the consultation is on screen.

The project is initially funded by Fonden for Almen Praksis.