12 November 2020

Urban Health Case Challenge 2020 Final

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From 23rd to 27th of November School of Global Health are ready to host yet another Case Challenge. This time it will be in collaboration with five other European universities under the new 4EU+ University Alliance and two guest teams from the universities in Uppsala and Trondheim. The initiative is a part of the 4EU+ Alliance’s Flagship 1 launched to address the impact the changing urban environments and demographic development have on the health of our citizens. Barely a surprise the topic of this year’s Urban Health Case Challenge relates to COVID-19. The pandemic has turned out to have a particularly severe effect on already vulnerable population groups and has spread rapidly in cities where many people live in densely populated neighbourhoods and move around in the public space on a daily basis.

The 14 teams, two from each of the 4EU+ cities (Milan, Paris, Heidelberg, Prague, Warsaw, Copenhagen) and one respectively from Uppsala and Trondheim, are a mix of of BSc, MSc and PhD students from different study programmes. From UCPH we have two strong teams with participants from the Faculties of Humanities, Science, and Health and Medical Sciences, including students from our own Department. Due to travel restrictions, all joint activities will take place online, and even though we have composed the teams of students from the same universities this year, as it turns out meetings in person in most places will not be possible either.

The specific case question has been formulated together with Gehl, a people centered urban research and design consulting firm. We can reveal the challenge will focus on causes, side effects as well as solutions to the COVID-19 crisis across eight European cities and give the participants ample opportunities to learn from each other's experiences and proposals across disciplines.

During the week the teams will work to come up with the best solutions and on November 27th each team will be given five minutes to pitch their proposal followed by five minutes feedback from a jury including Dagmar Dzúrová (Professor at Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University), Christian Hübel (City Director i Mannheim), Jeff Risom (Partner and Chief Innovation Officer hos Gehl) and Flemming Konradsen, (Head of Global Health Section).

Everyone is welcome to join the presentation of solutions and announcement of winners on November 27 from 9:00 – 15:00 on Zoom webinar link: https://ucph-ku.zoom.us/j/64002715236

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