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Research Group on Human Biomonitoring

The Human Biomonitoring research group is headed by Professor Lisbeth E. Knudsen.

We study placental transport of chemical substances, nanoparticles and antibodies by comparative analysis of samples from women and newborns, by experimental studies of transport in placental tissue (in our laboratory at the Panum Institute close to the maternity ward of the Rigshospitalet) and in vitro with cell cultures.

The group is national focal point for a large European biomonitoring program in collaboration with The Laboratory for Growth and Reproduction at Rigshospitalet, The National Food Institute, The National Research Centre for the Working Environment, The Department of Environmental Medicine at the University of Southern Denmark, The Department of Environmental Health and the University of Aarhus and our own laboratory at the Center for Health and Society.

Furthermore, the group is engaged in a wide range of international activities.

Research projects