Rehabilitation – University of Copenhagen

Research group: Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation at municipality level:

We work with a number of intervention projects aimed at improving functional capacity among elderly and chronically ill people. We look especially at: i) the effect of physical activity; ii) methods for longstanding motivation and maintenance in the programmes; and iii) use of new types of welfare technologies. Furthermore we work on the continuing improvement of the infrastructure at municipality level for research in rehabilitation, such as building databases, developing effect measurements, costs and measurements of the need for rehabilitation.

Head of research programmes: Professor Henning Langberg

Labour market epidemiology:

We work with epidemiological studies on social and economic consequences of longstanding illness, as well as international comparative studies on people with illness managing in the labour market in countries with different labour market policies. We work on the development of measurements on workability for epidemiological as well as clinical use. Workability is seen as an interaction between functional capacity and demand. We have a special emphasis on social inequality in access to, and the effect of, rehabilitation and study cancer, coronary heart diseases, mental and functional disorders.

Head of research programmes: Professor Finn Diderichsen


Physical activity in municipal rehabilitation

Welfare technologies in rehabilitation

Processes of motivation in patient education

Measurement of workability and need for rehabilitation

People with illness in labour market – comparative studies

Social inequality in rehabilitation

Risk factors for involuntarily leaving labour market