A 3-min all-out upper-body ergometer test for competitive swimmers

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We examined the application of a land-based swimming ergometer 3-min all-out test to determine physiological predictors of swimming performance. Fourteen young elite swimmers participated (males: n=6; females: n=8). The swimmers completed two 3-min upper-body all-out tests on a swimming ergometer. Additionally, the swimmers completed freestyle swim races ranging from 50 m to 1500 m. High test-retest reproducibility (r=0.98 and coefficient of variation values <7.5%) was evident for ergometer derived peak, mean and critical power. Very strong correlations (r>0.87, p<0.001) were obtained between the 200-, 400-, 800- and 1500-m swimming performances and derived critical speed. Moreover, correlations were found between peak force and peak power and 50-m performance, in addition to critical power and performance for all distances. The critical speed was the dominant predictor of 200- to 1500-m performances (r=0.84-0.99). In conclusion, the land-based 3-min all-out swimming ergometer test is reliable and valid in predicting swimming performance in competitive swimmers and evaluates important physiological components in swimmers independent of technical abilities.

Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Sports Medicine
Issue number8
Pages (from-to)724-730
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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