Bullit: – utilizing crime scene photos and a ballistic plugin for OsiriX® in MSCT evaluation of gunshot homicides and incidents.

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  • Nikolaj Friis Hansen
  • Hans Petter Hougen
Purpose: To demonstrate how the crime scene photos helped in the evaluation of post
mortem MSCT (Multi Slice Computer Tomography) of ”terminal ballistics” in a multiple
gunshot homicide by the use of the OsiriX® DICOM Viewer and the ”Bullit” plugin.
As a secondary purpose example of the possible usage of the MSCT generated pictures/
models in forensic reports also using OsiriX® will be shown.
Material and method: The work flow in a ballistic case from the Section of Forensic
Pathology in Copenhagen, Denmark is used. Crime scene photos where used in the
primary evaluation of the post mortem MSCT scan prior to the autopsy by the use of
OsiriX® and the ”Bullit” plugin.
Results: There was found to be very good correlation between the MSCT described
wound channels and the autopsy findings both for perforating and penetrating lesions.
It is the authors opinion that this is also very time sparing in the autopsy situation.
Discussion and conclusion: Mulitiple gunshot homicides is often a challenging task for
forensic patholgists both at the crime scene and in the autopsy room. By the use of post
mortem MSCT and subsequent use of OsiriX®, ”Bullit” and the crime scene photos in the
evaluation it is possible to save time in the autopsy and have these informations
available earlier than otherwize possible. It is also possible to integrate the images as
documentation in the forensic reports fast and easy as a supplement or replacement of
the diagrams usually used in ballistic cases.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date23 Aug 2012
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 23 Aug 2012
EventEAFS 2012: Forensic Science 2.0 - The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Haag, Netherlands
Duration: 20 Aug 201224 Aug 2012
Conference number: 6th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference


ConferenceEAFS 2012
Number6th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference
LocationThe Hague University of Applied Sciences

ID: 40114139