Mundhulens mikroflora hos patienter med marginal parodontitis

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The oral microflora in patients with periodontitis
The knowledge of microbiology concerning periodontitis speeded
up about 40 years ago. Early on the knowledge was based on microscopic
examinations and methods of cultivation of subgingival
plaque. Application of the more recently developed molecular
biological methods implies a rapidly and continuously growing
development of our knowledge of etiological factors. In about
50 % of more than 600 different species of bacteria in the oral
cavity, although observed by DNA analysis, cultivation has not
yet been feasible. Consequently their characteristics are unknown
and many bacteria have not been named. Knowledge of interactions
and communication among bacteria in plaque which is
the biofilm, is likewise developing rapidly. Thus, a continuous
revision of our understanding of the microbiology concerning
periodontitis will be called for. The present paper describes the
knowledge of chronic and aggressive periodontitis in otherwise
healthy individuals as well as in diseased individuals, in individuals
living under diverse circumstances and of differing ethnicity.
A scenario for future microbiological identification of risk groups
and controlling the outcome of the treatment is contemplated,
but no evidence to support such steps has been acquired so far.
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 2011

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