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Jeanette Bonde Pollmann

Jeanette Bonde Pollmann

PhD Student

My PhD project aims to unravel how social support works to increase the psychosocial functioning of veteran families affected by PTSD, and how interventions that boost beneficial mechanisms of social support can be developed. The project will address this by examining the sources and conceptions of social support that members of veteran families negotiate and make use of.

By use of a mixed-method approach this study will examine: 1) How veterans with different levels of PTSD-symptoms assess level of social support and preferences of sources of social support after deployment. 2) The sources of social support embedded in the social network of veteran families. 3) How families experience a Danish Veteran Centre intervention’s mediation of social support. Hereby, the project will identify and disentangle the sources of social support embedded in social relations and networks of veteran families and their linking with psychosocial functioning.

ID: 188472603