Line Marie Toft Dyhr

Line Marie Toft Dyhr

Research Assistant

With a background in public health science from UCPH, I now work as an epidemiologist in a research assistant position.

My main research interests are early life exposures and their effects on various health and disease outcomes in a life course perspective, with a focus on socioeconomic circumstances as the main exposures.

Being part of the Perinatal Obstetric and Pediatric Epidemiology research group, my current research project investigates socioeconomic patterns of spinal pain in childhood and adolescence, using a novel data analysis platform which enables GDPR compliant individual participant data analysis from multiple European cohorts. The purpose of the project is to increase knowledge of the etiology of spinal pain in various contexts and across borders, and to cast light on the socioeconomic inequalities in spinal pain in early life.

ID: 324037051