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  • 16 August 2018, 16:15-18:00

    Colloquium: “40 years of the Alma Ata declaration. Has it reached the South American region?

    The Global Health Section, Department of Public Health and the NGO Global Doctors have the pleasure to invite you to the Colloquium 40 years of the Alma Ata declaration. Has it reached the South American region? On 12th September 1978 delegates from 134 countries and several global healthorganizations signed the Alma Ata declaration aimed at strengthening thedevelopment of Primary Health care as a comprehensive and inclusive strategy toachieve the goal of “Health for All”.The aim of the Colloquium is to facilitate the discussion about the extent to whichAlma Ata has been implemented in the South American region. We will present thecurrent situation of Primary Health Care in Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. Read the programme. » Read more

  • 20 August - 22 August 2018

    Conference: Preventing Overdiagnosis 2018

    Copenhagen has the honour of hosting the 6th international conference on Preventing Overdiagnosis. The Preventing Overdiagnosis conference covers how physicians, researchers and patients can implement solutions to the problems of overdiagnosis and overuse in the healthcare system using evidence available and that currently being generated. We offer a platform for delegates to learn how to avoid waste, use best practice when communicating and engaging with patients and the public, and achieve a better understanding of the benefits of shared decision making within the constraints of modern practice. Please find more information about The Preventing Overdiagnosis conference 2018 here. » Read more

  • 27 August - 28 August 2018

    The 2nd Nordic Doctoral Conference and Networking Event 2018 in Copenhagen

    The first Nordic Doctoral Conference and Network Event in Stockholm was a great success. The Section of Social Medicine, University of Copenhagen is hosting the second Nordic Doctoral Conference and Networking Event (NODE). The overall aim of the conference is to build a greater sense of community among PhD students and postdocs in the Nordic region who are engaged in research on health inequalities and social determinants of health. The conference program will include keynote lectures, panel discussions, workshops and parallel sessions where PhD students and postdocs from the Nordic countries present their preliminary work. The program includes theme based sessions, and workshops where the prime goal is to lay the seeds for future Nordic collaborative research which you could be part of! We have decided on two major topics for the keynote lectures and panel discussion: - Transitions from research on health inequalities to policy development - Nordic collaborative research using register data – opportunities and challenges Read more about the conference and registration: and in the invitation. » Read more