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About the Department

The Department of Public Health was established in 1997. Our primary focus is to improve the health of the population and the connection between health and society.

The Department of Public Health fulfils its mission to provide the scientific foundation for efforts to improve public health, both nationally and globally, and to create greater insight into the links between health, the individual and society as well as the ethical, equity and political implications. This is achieved through research, education and engagement with stakeholders and the public at large with a wide-ranging multidisciplinary research agenda covering most aspects of public health at a high international level.

The research is carried out in our eight research sections and three research centres.


We occupy about 300 employees . Among these are 110 professors, associate professors and assistant professors, approx. 155 postdocs, PhD students and scientific assistants and approx. 35 technical administrative staff. Clinical professors, affiliate professors and a wide range of tutors are also associated with the department.


Head of Department 

Steffen Loft, Professor, Dr.Med.

E-mail: stl@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 35 32 76 49

Mobile: +45 26 81 48 89

Fax: +45 35 32 76 86

Department Administrator

Helle Strøm

E-mail: hbs@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 353-27981

Head of Section at Section of General Practice and research leader at the Research Unit for General Practice

Susanne Reventlow, Professor, General Practitioner

E-mail: mkv435@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 35 32 71 56

Head of Section at Section of Biostatistics

Esben Budtz-Jørgensen, Associate Professor

E-mail: ebj@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 35 32 79 27

Head of Section at Global Health Section

Flemming Konradsen, Professor

E-mail: flko@sund.ku.dk

Phone (Secretariat): +45 35 32 76 26

Office: CSS, buildin 9, room 09.1.10

Head of Section at Section of Environmental Health

Gert Martin Hald, Associate Professor

E-mail: ghald@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 35 33 72 13

Mobile: +45 28 73 13 17

Head of Section at Section of Social Medicine

Ulla Christensen, Associate Professor

E-mail: ulch@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 35 32 76 63

Fax: +45 35 32 74 87



Head of Section at Section for Health Services Research

Signild Vallgårda, Professor

E-mail: siva@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 35 32 79 68

Phone (Secretariat): +45 35 32 62 50

Head of Section at Section of Epidemiology

Naja Hulvej Rod, Professor

E-mail: nahuro@sund.ku.dk

Phone: +45 35 32 67 35

Creative Director at Medical Museion

Ken Arnold, Professor

E-mail: kra@sund.ku.dk 

Phone: +45 35 33 06 92

Department Secretariat

The secretariat at the Department of Public Health is responsible for personnel administration and the overall economy of the department including purchases and study and course administration of the MPH programme.

In addition, the secretariat provide services for the graduate programmes "Public Health and Epidemiology", "Medicine, Culture and Society" and "Biostatistics and Bioinformatics" as well as researcher training programmes.

Accounting tasks relating to external fundings and invoice management are handled by the Finance Unit at the Faculty.


Marianne Arnecke Financial coordinator

Bibi Bækgaard Department secretary and webmaster

Lisbeth Lyng Hansen Administrative Officer - MPH and GRASPH

Gitte Hansen Administrative Officer - MPH

Carina Hindkjær Clerical officer

Agnete Lunddahl Jensen Research academic officer

Helle Strøm Head of Administration

Louise Johnsen and Maria Beck Møller HR


The Department of Public Health is part of The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and is situated at Centre for Health and Society in the buildings of the former Kommunehospital of Copenhagen.

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