Section of Biostatistics

Biostatistics is the science of inferring knowledge from data in biomedical and related fields. Members of the section of biostatistics study the statistical theory, analytical tools, and applications of methods for the collection, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of biomedical data. We collaborate closely with other sections at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences in order to advance scientific knowledge.

View of the CSS buildings in the spring with tulips and cherry blossoms on the lawn


The objectives of the Section of Biostatistics are to:

  • Serve as statistical advisors for researchers at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, helping inform the proper design, analysis, and interpretation of their studies.
  • Conduct original research on statistical theory and methods motivated by real problems in the design and analysis of biomedical studies, and to provide research opportunities for students.
  • Promote the proper use of rigorous quantitative methods in the biomedical sciences through education and outreach. This includes teaching statistics at the bachelors through PhD levels.




Section of Biostatistics     
University of Copenhagen     
Øster Farimagsgade 5
DK-1353 Copenhagen
Telephone +45 35 32 79 01

From Copenhagen Airport to the Section of Biostatistics

  1. Take the Metro (not the S-train) from the airport to Nørreport station (9 stations, about 12 minutes)
  2. From Nørreport, walk to the university campus (400 m, see map)

Inside the Campus

The Section of Biostatistics is located on the 2nd floor in buildings CSS-5, CSS-10, and CSS-15. You can use the interactive map below to find a specific room. For example, our meeting room is CSS 5.2.46 (seminars, statistical consulting cafe) and the secretary office is CSS 10.2.23.

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From Best Western Richmond Hotel to the Section

From Ibsens Hotel or Kong Arthur to the Section

The blue line gives the directions from Ibsens hotel, note that Kong Arthur is close by.







The section is responsible for teaching biostatistics within all of the programmes of the Faculty: pregraduate teaching for students of medicine, dentistry, public health and human biology; teaching within the programmes of Master of Public Health and Master of International Health; and courses in the PhD programme of the Faculty, both for medical researchers and (courses as well as advising) for PhD students in biostatistics.

Link to class room assignments (Syllabus skema)

On this page, you will find an overview of project proposals and internship opportunities that the Department of Public Health offers to bachelor's, master’s, and research year students.

PhD biostatistics courses open for registration at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences  

Below is a list of Ph.D.-courses provided by the section of biostatistics each year.

To sign up you must use the course website of the Ph.D.-school. Click here to sign up.

Beware that a course typically will only be present on the PhD-school page, a few months before the course starts.

Course secretary for all courses: Susanne Kragskov Laupstad, e-mail:
NB: ECTS may vary a little from year to year.


Basic Statistics for Health Researchers (Danish course)
ECTS: 9,0

Basic statistics for health researchers (English course)
ECTS: 9,0

Epidemiological methods in medical research

Advanced topics in health research B
ECTS: 2,8

Statistical methods in bioinformatics
ECTS: 3,5

Statistical analysis of survival data
ECTS: 4,9

Statistical data analysis using the computer program SAS
ECTS: 2,1

Statistical data analysis using the computer program SPSS
ECTS: 2,1

Programming and statistical modelling in R
ECTS: 1,6

Bayesian methods in biomedical research
ECTS: 2,4

Psychometric validation of patient reported outcome measures
ECTS: 2,5

Introduction to validation of patient reported outcome measures
ECTS: 2,5

Use of the statistical software R
ECTS: 2,1

Statistical analysis of repeated measurements and clustered data
ECTS: 4,2


Basic Statistics for Health Researchers (Danish course)
ECTS: 9,0

Basic statistics for health researchers (English course)
ECTS: 9,0

Advanced statistical analysis of epidemiological studies
ECTS: 4,2

Statistics for experimental medical researchers
ECTS: 4,0

Use of the statistical software R
ECTS: 2,1

Programming and statistical modelling in R
ECTS: 1,6

Statistical analysis of survival data
ECTS: 4,9





































































Esben Budtz-Jørgensen

Head of Section
Esben Budtz-Jørgensen

Phone +45 35 32 79 27
Fax +45 35 32 76 29


Name Title Phone E-mail
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Andersen, Per Kragh Professor +4535327908 E-mail
Ankarfeldt, Mikkel Zöllner Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Blanche, Paul Frédéric Associate Professor +4535330301 E-mail
Breinegaard, Nina Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Breum, Marie Skov Postdoc   E-mail
Budtz-Jørgensen, Esben Professor +4535327927 E-mail
Carstensen, Bendix Part-time Lecturer +4544438738 E-mail
Christensen, Karl Bang Professor +4535327491 E-mail
Ekstrøm, Claus Thorn Professor +4535327597 E-mail
Eriksson, Frank Associate Professor +4535326048 E-mail
Forman, Julie Lyng Associate Professor +4535333108 E-mail
Gabriel, Erin Evelyn Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535325609 E-mail
Gamborg, Michael Orland Part-time Lecturer +4533383868 E-mail
Gerds, Thomas Alexander Professor +4535327914 E-mail
Grell, Kathrine Part-time Lecturer +4535326428 E-mail
Hansen, Marlene Lee Administrative Officer +4535329702 E-mail
Hejstvig-Larsen, Christian Rubjerg IT Officer, FU   E-mail
Hilden, Jørgen Associate Professor Emeritus +4535326423 E-mail
Jacobsen, Judith Lone Part-time Lecturer +4540682808 E-mail
Jensen, Aksel Karl Georg Assistant Professor +4535327924 E-mail
Jensen, Andreas Kryger Associate Professor +4535333528 E-mail
Jensen, Sara Nørgård IT Officer +4535331617 E-mail
Knudsen, Mark Bech PhD Fellow +4535328757 E-mail
Kreiner, Svend Guest Researcher +4535336570 E-mail
Laupstad, Susanne Kragskov Administrative Officer +4535327902 E-mail
Martinussen, Torben Professor +4535327918 E-mail
Meddis, Alessandra Assistant Professor +4552693528 E-mail
Munch, Anders Assistant Professor +4535320805 E-mail
Møller, Amalie Lykkemark Visiting PhD Student +4520717014 E-mail
Ozenne, Brice Maxime Hugues Associate Professor +4535331516 E-mail
Petersen, Anne Helby Assistant Professor +4535336437 E-mail
Petersen, Janne Associate Professor   E-mail
Petersen, Jørgen Holm Associate Professor +4535327905 E-mail
Pham, Vi Thanh PhD Fellow +4535331199 E-mail
Pramming, Marie Krøger Administrative Officer +4535336044 E-mail
Roepstorff, Otto Grøn IT Officer, FU   E-mail
Rosthøj, Susanne Part-time Lecturer +4535327921 E-mail
Rytgaard, Helene Charlotte Wiese Associate Professor +4535334485 E-mail
Sachs, Michael Charles Associate Professor +4535327667 E-mail
Scheike, Thomas Professor +4535327928 E-mail
Sejling, Christoffer PhD Fellow +4535324528 E-mail
Skovgaard, Lene Theil Associate Professor +4535327916 E-mail
Su, Zehao PhD Fellow +4535332384 E-mail
Søgaard, Emilie Wessel PhD Fellow   E-mail
Thomsen, Birthe Lykke Riegels Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Torp-Pedersen, Christian Tobias Clinical Professor +4535331953 E-mail
Wright, Marvin Nils Ole Associate Professor +4535334769 E-mail