Section of Social Medicine

Social medicine is a core discipline within public health. At the Section of Social Medicine, we investigate life course social, psychosocial, psychological, physiological and behavioural determinants of health and function, as well as the socioeconomic consequences of disease and functional decline, with a focus on social inequality. 

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We address current societal challenges such as: health problems in socially vulnerable population groups and neighbourhoods, functional limitations and multi-morbidity in the ageing population, health consequences of psychosocial stressors in the working environment and private life, inequity in the use of health services and rehabilitation and consequences of infertility and fertility treatment. Further, we develop and employ a wide variety of epidemiological, psychometric, demographic and qualitative methods in population and patient based cohort studies and in intervention studies. Data sources include comprehensive surveys, clinical and register data, qualitative research interviews and fieldwork, as well as high resolution mobile phone derived data. 

Complex interventions based on detailed knowledge about target populations and their needs, are executed to develop co-created solutions to important societal challenges. Furthermore, the section conducts evaluations of the implementation and outcomes of these interventions using a mixed method research approach. The section quantifies and compares the expected health consequences of major policy initiatives and interventions also from a clinical perspective. 

Our research identifies potential action points for organized societal efforts limiting further health deterioration and social adversities. We continuously contribute to the development of health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation nationally and internationally. In line with the University’s 2023 strategy, we collaborate closely with a number of international research environments, Danish municipalities, regions and stakeholders to increase the societal impact of our research findings. 

The Section of Social Medicine is responsible for pre- and postgraduate level courses in Social Epidemiology, Medical Sociology, Prevention, Health Promotion and Rehabilitation, Clinical Social Medicine and Intervention and Evaluation Methods.




























Portrait of Rikke Lund Head of Section of Social Medicine

Head of Section

Rikke Lund

Phone: +45 35 32 79 92
Mobile: +45 24 66 05 35


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Adamsen, Lis Professor +4535457338 E-mail
Andersen, Ingelise Associate Professor +4535327662 E-mail
Bender, Mette Postdoc +4535328033 E-mail
Bjørner, Jakob Affiliate Professor +4535327394 E-mail
Brasholt, Marie Sørensen Clinical Associate Professor +4560880672 E-mail
Brønnum-Hansen, Henrik Associate Professor +4535327974 E-mail
Christensen, Ulla Associate Professor +4535327663 E-mail
Diderichsen, Finn Professor Emeritus +45+5583991373132 E-mail
Foverskov, Else Postdoc   E-mail
Hansen, Annegrethe Academic Officer +4535327984 E-mail
Hansen, Åse Marie Professor +4535327956 E-mail
Holst, Bodil Marie Administrative Officer +4535332978 E-mail
Hougaard, Charlotte Ørsted Data Administrator +4535337217 E-mail
Jensen, Natasja Koitzsch Postdoc +4535337328 E-mail
Jepsen, Eva Project Coordinator +4535327978 E-mail
Jørgensen, Terese Sara Høj Assistant Professor +4535335886 E-mail
Kalvåg, Cecilie Kivikoski Student +4535332751 E-mail
Koert, Emily Christina Postdoc +4535320809 E-mail
Larsen, Kristian Professor   E-mail
Lund, Rikke Professor, Head of Section +4535327992 E-mail
Lund, Thomas Associate Professor +4535337064 E-mail
Molbo, Drude Data Administrator +4535326736 E-mail
Mortensen, Ole Steen Clinical Professor +4523328431 E-mail
Nilsson, Charlotte Juul Associate Professor +4535327122 E-mail
Nygaard, Siv PhD Fellow +4535332406 E-mail
Petersen, Gitte Lindved Postdoc +4535337224 E-mail
Pisinger, Charlotta Holm Clinical Professor +4551224070 E-mail
Rasmussen, Kenneth Service Staff +4535327331 E-mail
Rossau, Henriette Knold PhD Fellow +4535325179 E-mail
Schmidt, Lone Professor with special responsibilities +4535327631 E-mail
Schnohr, Christina Part-time Lecturer +4535337220 E-mail
Sigsgaard, Anna Munk Research Assistant +4535325238 E-mail
Skogstad, Sissel Academic Research Staff +4535330011 E-mail
Srivarathan, Abirami PhD Fellow +4535334443 E-mail
Toft, Ulla Marie Nørgaard Clinical Professor +4529997877 E-mail
Villadsen, Sarah Fredsted Associate Professor +4535327997 E-mail