Section for Health Services Research

The section’s research relates to general areas of health services research and seeks to deepen the understanding of:

  • health policy processes;
  • organizational management
  • coordination and development of the health system
  • the relationship between technology and the health system
  • epistemological and ethical aspects of medical technologies and health policy
  • outcomes within the health system
  • and the relationship between the health system and various population groups.

Section projects are carried out by an interdisciplinary research group. It's findings are important instruments in the development and reform of health policy. 


Research at the Section for Health Services Research draws on a range of different methodologies and approaches to understand the socio-material, political, ethical and biomedical context of health service delivery. We analyze how people engage with health services and what health services do. We do this with a keen and critical eye on the unexpected, and discuss the implications of our work for medical and health service research and practice.

Via the research themes below you can find an overview of research projects with participation from researchers at the Section for Health Services Research.



The department is responsible for the following classes

Medical Science
• Course in Medical Sociology and Health Care System (new study system) (ny studieordning)

Public Health Science
• Course in health Care System. 3rd year.
• Organizational Analysis. 3rd year.
• Health Economics. 3rd year.
• Questionnaire Methods. 4th year.
• Qualitative Methods. 4th year.
• Health Policy Analysis. Optional subject.
• Evaluation. Optional subject.
• Management, organization and leadership in the health care system. Optional subject.
• Evaluation and Measurement of Quality. Optional subject.
• Planning and implementation in the health care system. Optional subject.
• Management Analysis. Optional subject.
• Decision-making and planning in the health care system. Optional subject.

Courses for Master of Public Health
• Introduction course.
• Health-care organization, economics and management. Common Module 3.
• Health-care organization and management. Special Module

Courses for Master of International Health
• Health systems analysis



Øster Farimagsgade 5
Opgang B og C, stuen
Postboks 2099
1014 Copenhagen  
Telephone: 35 32 62 50
Fax: 35 32 76 29

Find us here

Head of Section:
Professor Signild Vallgårda


Head of Section:

Mette Nordahl Svendsen 
Professor with special responsibilities

Telephone: +45 35 32 76 24


Name Title Phone E-mail
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Abdelhamid, Hejdi Student FU +4535334605 E-mail
Bagge-Petersen, Claudia Maria Postdoc +4535333713 E-mail
Bentzon, Rikke Friis PhD Fellow +4535327303 E-mail
Berggreen, Anna Rønde Student FU   E-mail
Bergien, Sofie Olsgaard PhD Student +4535321450 E-mail
Bidoli, Andrea PhD Fellow +4535326492 E-mail
Børsch, Anne Sofie Postdoc +4535331787 E-mail
Christensen, Josefine Rønnow F Student +4535337875 E-mail
Dam, Mie Seest Assistant Professor +4535337320 E-mail
Dieckmann, Peter Associate Professor   E-mail
Dyhr, Line Marie Toft Student FU +4535333282 E-mail
Friis, Jan Kyrre Berg Associate Professor +4535327935 E-mail
Gjødsbøl, Iben Mundbjerg Assistant Professor +4535337318 E-mail
Goldschmidt, Maria Ingeborg PhD Fellow +4535337074 E-mail
Grønvold, Mogens Professor +4535327983 E-mail
Haase, Christoffer Bjerre PhD Fellow +4560604087 E-mail
Hansen, Signe Hviid Student +4535321252 E-mail
Hendriksen, Ida Strøyer Student FU +4535333967 E-mail
Høyer, Klaus Lindgaard Professor +4535327996 E-mail
Jensen, Anja Marie Bornø Associate Professor +4535337317 E-mail
Jensen, Astrid Laura Dam Student +4535337256 E-mail
Jervelund, Signe Smith Associate Professor +4535337339 E-mail
Kayser, Lars Associate Professor +4535327291 E-mail
Khan, Alina Aiesha Student FU +4535337670 E-mail
Kilic, Sevilay Secretary +4535326550 E-mail
Knox, Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Associate Professor +4535337334 E-mail
Koch, Anna Magdalene Professor Emeritus +4535327979 E-mail
Krasnik, Allan Professor Emeritus +4535327971 E-mail
Kristiansen, Maria Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department +4535334805 E-mail
Kusta, Olsi PhD Fellow +4535336646 E-mail
Langstrup, Henriette Associate Professor +4535326203 E-mail
Larsen, Ellen Frøsig Moseholm Associate Professor +4535331598 E-mail
Larsen, Michelle Aagaard Division Secretary +4535326250 E-mail
Lee, Ji Yong Postdoc +4535334245 E-mail
Linder, Bibi Service Staff +4593509633 E-mail
Lykkeskov, Anne Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Marti Castaner, Maria Assistant Professor +4535326711 E-mail
McFarlan, Laila Student +4535330082 E-mail
Mkoma, George Frederick PhD Fellow +4535321147 E-mail
Muld, Alberte Mie Student FU   E-mail
Møller, Olivia Mandal Student +4535334619 E-mail
Nørmark, Laura Elina Pirhonen Assistant Professor +4520706885 E-mail
Nørredam, Marie Louise Professor with special responsibilities +4535327632 E-mail
Osborne, Richard Harry Affiliate Professor +4535330534 E-mail
Pinel, Clémence Pauline Cécile Postdoc   E-mail
Rasmussen, Bodil Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Rossel, Peter J. Hancke Associate Professor Emeritus +4535327934 E-mail
Rossen, Sine Teaching Assistant +4531123663 E-mail
Schmidt, Camilla Wong PhD Student   E-mail
Schmidt, Ulrik Sørensen Academic Research Staff +4535331654 E-mail
Simonsen, Niklas Sita Holm Student +4535337394 E-mail
Skovdal, Morten Associate Professor +4535337360 E-mail
Skovgaard, Lea Larsen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Svendsen, Mette Nordahl Professor +4535327624 E-mail
Sørensen, Janne Senior Consultant +4535327288 E-mail
Tapager, Ina Willaing PhD Fellow +4535326010 E-mail
Tapager, Ingrid Willaing Professor +4535333535 E-mail
Vallgårda, Signild Emeritus +4535327968 E-mail
Vrangbæk, Karsten Professor +4535337329 E-mail
Wagner, Isaac Anderson Teaching Associate Professor +4535334788 E-mail
Wegener, Emilie Kauffeldt Research Assistant +4535331185 E-mail
Zoffmann, Vibeke Professor   E-mail
de Montgomery, Christopher Jamil Assistant Professor +4535336404 E-mail