Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl

Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl

Assistant Professor

Primary fields of research

Medical anthropology and Medical Science and Technology Studies

My research explores how novel medical technologies and clinical practices shape our understandings and experiences of health and illness. I do ethnography in health care settings in Denmark, exploring how personhood and the value of life are constituted in the everyday clinical practices. My PhD research concerned how life's worth is practiced and experienced in the field of dementia across early and late stages of the disease.

Current research

I am Assistant Professor at the Section for Health Services Research, Department of Public Health, UCPH. My current research explores how personalized medicine (or precision medicine) and data-intensive medical technologies are integrated into the everyday clinical care for patients with heart disease. Methodologically, I conduct participant observation in clinical settings and qualitative interviews with health professionals, researchers and patients. Specifically, I explore the social and ethical implications of genomics and artificial intelligence as these technologies become mobilized to individualize healthcare in the Danish welfare state. This research  forms part of the larger research projects Personalized Medicine in the Welfare State, MeInWe, headed by Professor Mette N. Svendsen (read more about MeInWe here), and Precision Diagnostics and Predictions in Ischemic Heart Disease, PM Heart, headed by Professor and Senior Consultant, Henning Bundgaard.  

Teaching and supervision

Qualitative methods

The Danish health care system with focus on digital infrastructures

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